Welcome to The Secret Garden



For those of you who already know me and are visiting my web site, I just want to say a big Thank You for your business and supporting The Secret Garden by your constant referrals.  I know you attribute The Secret Garden’s success to my creativity, but it is your acceptance of my work, enjoying the creations, and building good relationships that make The Secret Garden so successful. 


This site has been developed by popular request.  Some of you have referred new clients.  They ask to see my work.  There is nothing better than seeing “the real thing” at the various homes, offices, yards, wedding ceremonies, and all sorts of parties and occasions which The Secret Garden has decorated.  Even photographs, no matter how professional, can’t bring out the real beauty of a creation.  Nevertheless, I have put together some photos that were taken over the years and placed them here for you to see. 


After twenty six years in business serving the Greater New York area, The Secret Garden continues to move on at a strong pace.  Many of my clients would visit me at my studio and greenhouse in New Jersey.  Here you see “the real thing”.  You will definitely gain a better feel for the creativity of The Secret Garden.  And since 2005, my work has reached as far as the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


The Secret Garden is a small company, and it will remain that way.  People have asked where my “store” is located.  There is no store, only a studio.  There are no standard creations that are mass-produced and sold off the shelf. Each creation is unique, tailored right from our initial meeting.  The Secret Garden’s creations are our creations, yours and mine; after all, you have the idea of what you want.  You are just in need of the support, creativity, and talent The Secret Garden has to offer to make your dream a reality.






 You will see many samples here, from interior and outdoor designs to events.


Enjoy your visit !